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PKIX path building failed……

I was attempting to create a project in STS 3.3.0 (Eclipse) using the new Spring Project wizard. However the only templates available to me where those in the Simple Projects group. In the Error Log in Eclipse I noticed I

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Xml Schema Report

SEPA is coming and people have been asking how can I check if this pain file is valid. In this post I will demonstrate how we can transform an XML file to HTML and include any XSD validation exceptions into

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Configure iSeries FTP Server for Spring Integration

We had a requirement to integrate data from an iSeries with our SEPA Conversion services running on a Wintel platform. This is a quick post to highlight how to configure iSeries FTP Server for spring integration.

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Capture xsl:message output from Saxon

We are using the Saxon Xslt processor on a Java project to produce ISO20022 XML files. The grouping facility provided by XPath 2.0 is proving a real hit. In this post we give a quick hint on capturing xsl:message output.

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Parsing XML with SAX and DOM chunking (part 2)

In part 1 we introduced a way of chunking Xml. In a recent project I was tasked with creating a large Xml file and I used the chunking facility described to process a particular element.

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Parsing XML with SAX and DOM chunking (part 1)

I was looking for a means of parsing a large XML document while retaining the ability to process particular elements of interest. In this post I will demostrate a way of parsing an XML document with a SAX XMLReader and

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Part 1: Searchable Ajax Grid

In this series of posts we will present a searchable data grid. The grid is provided by the jqGrid plugin for jQuery. On the server side we use an ASPMVC Controller to provide the data. This instalment will cover the

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Reading Spring.NET Configuration from a Database

Whilst recently working on a Spring.NET aware web application we required a way of centrally storing our Spring configuration. In this post we present an IResource implementation that reads Spring configuration from a SQLServer. We also show how we used

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Watch Android content on your TV

While on a recent visit to England I had a play with my sisters new Samsung 46C8000 TV. We we’re able to view Photos and Videos and listen to Music stored on my HTC Desire.

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ASPMVC Asynchronous Forms with jQuery

Having looked into using the ASPMVC AjaxHelper there was one or two things I wasn’t happy with so I decided to try an alternative using jQuery. In this post I will present a simple technique for facilitating asynchronous form posts

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