Configure iSeries FTP Server for Spring Integration

We had a requirement to integrate data from an iSeries with our SEPA Conversion services running on a Wintel platform. This is a quick post to highlight how to configure iSeries FTP Server for spring integration.

We considered two options

  1. Using IBM Netserver and sharing folders on the IFS
    We’ve used this on a previous project and its a bit messy. IBM Netserver doesnt seem to like mixed case passwords and our Active Directory has policies in place that enforce mixed case passwords. This requires a workaround in the guise of running a net use script from the context of the Java application.
  2. Run FTP Server on iSeries
    Theres an FTP Server available on the iSeries that supports both FTP and FTPS. Spring Integration has support for both protocols. This was our preferred option as it didnt require any workarounds and can be secured with SSL.

When we ran our test application without any configuration changes while it established FTP connections it wasnt sensing files being dropped into the monitored folder. To resolve this we changed the Listing Type option in Operations Navigator from the default iSeries/OS400 to Unix. (TODO: Screengrab).

The following is the Spring FtpSession bean definition.
(TODO: Spring config)

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