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While on a recent visit to England I had a play with my sisters new Samsung 46C8000 TV. We we’re able to view Photos and Videos and listen to Music stored on my HTC Desire.

If you have an Android phone and a TV that has DLNA rendering capabilities then your only a few clicks away. Search the Market for DLNA and download one  of the following apps.

  1. Eyecon
    Login as guest and your away. This app has a very smart concise interface that allow you to search local and internet content. The local devices includes any DLNA Server (e.g. certain NAS drives) A resulting item can simply be dragged onto a rendering device. In my case the TV was available as a target.
  2. iMediaShare
    Similiar type of app to Eyecon except with a more iPhone look and feel. Again allows for selecting local content or a suite of internet channels e.g. You Tube, Facebook. When you select a media item you can choose  a rendering device and again the TV was available for selection.
  3. Twonkey Mobile Server.
    Where the first two apps act as remote control hubs, this app acts as a media server. When it is running the media player on the TV was able to see the phone as a media source. I could browse and view Music, Photos and Videos.

Although the user experience of Eyecon is the best I had more success with iMediashare in getting content to play on the TV. When I get home I will look into this a bit more. But potentially using Eyecon with a NAS and a tablet could make for a cool multi media home entertainment solution.

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